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The Real-World Benefits of Joining NAWSP

The National Association of Women Sales Professionals is laser-focused on improving the prospects for women in sales by providing you with the women-centric professional development, sales training created by women, exclusively for women, resources and support to help them Reach the Top 1% and Dance on the Glass Ceiling ™. 

NAWSP brings women together in what has traditionally been the boys' club of B2B and B2C sales professionals. By working together, our 14,000 members develop new approaches to selling that shake up the establishment and make each of us far more effective than we could be by working alone.

When you join NAWSP and start connecting with the other women in sales who make our organization the exceptional place that it is, you become part of an established network of mentors and advisers, leaders and innovators, teachers and friends whose advice and encouragement can give you the confidence to take charge of your own success in sales.

Women In Sales are Something Special

The leadership of the NAWSP is passionate about helping women succeed in sales, and it shows in every facet of what we do. As women who work in the heavily masculine world of B2B and B2C sales, we know how it feels to be the outsider in the room. When we started connecting women in sales from across the country, it seemed as if every class, every seminar, and even every board room was designed by male sales leads to appeal to mostly male customers. Women, if we were in the building at all, were very definitely not part of that club, and the approaches to sales developed by and for men had a way of not working so well when the sales rep wore a skirt.

The women who've made NAWSP what it is today have all brought a fresh perspective to their sales teams. Sometimes, the unique outlook and approach a woman brings to a sales team can be just the thing to land a contract, move a million tons of cargo or make the sale that saves the company. We are assets to the companies that invest in us as sales pros, and the NAWSP is here to help women from all over develop into ever more valuable members of the teams we work with. That's a mission worth doing, and the passion it inspires has driven our work from the very start.

Our Beliefs

We believe that women are every bit as capable as men in the competitive world of professional sales. We also believe that men and women are not exactly the same, but that female professionals have a special outlook and approach that makes our contribution to the traditionally all-male sales teams we work on extra valuable. We believe that women do best when we work with other women who know what it's like to succeed in sales, and we believe that women who've reached the top tier of sales success are at their best when they help less experienced women rise behind them.

The National Association of Women Sales Professionals is the real-world expression of these beliefs. By organizing events, connecting members with unique career opportunities and facilitating exciting training sessions with our members, we believe we're doing the best that can be done to help women who are new to sales, or who have struggled to succeed in a tough field, to develop and grow into the glass ceiling shatterers they were meant to be. By joining NAWSP, you're joining a community of other women around the country who are all rooting for you, and who put that support into practice with solid, practical help. And we believe in doing that more than anything else.

Our Founder, Cynthia Barnes

Our founder and CEO, Cynthia Barnes, started the NAWSP in 2016, after nearly two decades of solid success in sales, sales leadership and informal sales training. From the time she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in business administration and a Master's degree in leadership development and the dynamics of large organizations, Cynthia has worked in sales for education, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. For several years, she was an award-winning top-4% sales manager for Mary Kay, and a leader to dozens of less-experienced sales professionals, most of them women.

From the start of her stellar career in sales, Cynthia had noticed that sales training and professional development were all heavily oriented toward men, who had of course traditionally been the only voice in sales. Cynthia began to wonder if other women in sales could benefit from finding their voice in women-oriented training and support systems. Being an experienced self-starter, Cynthia put together an informal group of other women in sales in her local Detroit neighborhood. Before long, she was managing groups in multiple cities. In November 2016, the NAWSP was born, and before long its membership had grown to over 14,000 interested, engaged and professionally successful women across the United States.

Why We Started the NAWSP

The NAWSP got its start because we knew a woman alone in sales is very alone indeed, and that women thrive best when we work together. We want to help every female sales professional succeed beyond her wildest dreams, and to that end we've grown our small club into a national association of some of the smartest women you'll ever meet. The mission of the NAWSP is to help women in sales develop and thrive, and to that end, our association offers members:

  • Networking opportunities with over 14,000 other women in sales across the nation.

  • Training and professional development courses tailored to women's unique perspectives and needs in the world of sales.

  • Mentorship, advice, support and real friendship with women who've been where you are and who know what you're up against every day. We formalize these relationships with innovative programs of coaching and mentorship between our most experienced members and the women who are still on their way up.

  • A real community of women, connected through our members' app, who share their stories, tips, tactics and the occasional bawdy joke with each other in a supportive and nurturing environment.

We're passionate about helping women succeed in sales. If you're just as passionate about your own success and the success of other women, consider joining the National Association of Women Sales Professionals today.


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