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Helping Women Sales Professionals Reach the Top 1%



Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Difficult Conversation: When the Harasser Is a Client



NAWSP Event Highlights


WISA North AmericA

JUNE 2018

NAWSP celebrates #WomenWhoSell at the 2018 Women in Sales Awards North America.

Elevate & Influence - Detroit

March 2018

Watch highlights of NAWSP's event in Detroit, sponsored by Michelin and Autodesk.


April 2018

Watch highlights of NAWSP's first event Barcelona, sponsored by Autodesk.




Women leaders are on the rise. Your natural tendency is to lead and you're always looking for ways to positively influence those around you. You have recognized that as a woman, using your unique strengths gives you an edge over traditional sales approaches. Join the organization that celebrates and supports women who want to sell authentically and on their terms.  




To rise to your full potential, you need to be challenged to grow. Apart from intentional development, opportunities for growth will be limited. Don't become one of the nearly 70% of employees who are disengaged at work. Take charge of your professional development. Join NAWSP and take part in our sales training designed specifically for women, by women. Imagine how you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the field with a few hours per week of intentional self-investment.


Make a Difference


Your participation in NAWSP can literally make a difference in the world by raising awareness, attracting more women to the sales profession and helping elevate women to the roles of sales leaders. Here are just a few examples of our socially conscious member benefits:

  • Participate in research that's used to lower the barriers to women succeeding in the sales profession.
  • Opportunities to connect with, support, and mentor other women sales professionals.



Join Us

Join NAWSP and Expand Your Sphere of Influence

Sharing our core values and points of focus on competence, professionalism, commitment, and innovation through every partnership we establish in not only the 50 states but across the globe, you can be assured to expect nothing short of pre-eminence and professionalism from NAWSP.


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