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Don’t Do it Alone

When influential women sales professionals come together, magic happens. By “influential women” we mean women that have a deep connection with their authentic self. A woman grounded in her authentic self can change her environment, but a group of women that are their authentic selves can change the world. We are not here to bash men; we feel that as women we look at the world with a different view. When we are together, we all of a sudden become friends, sisters, and mentors. We support, uplift, motivate, and create lifelong connections.

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Be Understood

As women sales professionals, we sell differently. When women use their natural skills and abilities to sell authentically, amazing things happen.  When you’re around other women who understand this, you learn that your differences are to be celebrated and that you’re not “wrong” for selling differently than the men on your team. If you want to leverage your unique strengths to give you an edge over traditional sales approaches, while staying authentic, NAWSP is for you.

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Stay Authentic

Authentic women sales professionals inspire, prosper, and positively influence others. Authenticity comes from your being and the influential woman sales professional that you are. The authentic self is the YOU that can be found at your absolute core. When you join NAWSP, you surround yourself with women committed to selling as their authentic selves and celebrating you as you do the same

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Join Us

Sharing our core values and points of focus on competence, professionalism, commitment, and innovation through every partnership we establish in not only the 50 states but across the globe, you can be assured to expect nothing short of pre-eminence and professionalism from NAWSP.

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