We Need to Recruit More Women in Sales!

Why does the sales industry need to recruit more women? There is a host of compelling reasons why businesses should be scrambling to add women to their sales teams, but here's just one that they can't afford to ignore: by 2028, in less than a decade, women will control 75% of discretionary spending worldwide. Discretionary spending refers to non-essential purchases (i.e. luxury items, vacations, specialty services, etc…).

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Cynthia BarnesComment
Dance on the Glass Ceiling™ Spotlight: Bella Verita

“I joined NAWSP because I was looking for a tribe of women who "get me." Most people believe sales is something we do to "get." But women sales professionals know we sell to give. We sell to make a difference in the world and we have high standards we live by. I was looking for a tribe that I didn't have to explain this to, we already knew it was our superpower and we come together to recharge our superpower.”

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Dance on the Glass Ceiling™ Spotlight: Lori Johnston

“I joined NAWSP because I have the same belief system that "women are every bit as capable as men in the competitive world of professional sales." It has always been my thought process that women do best when we work with other women who know what it's takes to succeed in sales and give back by helping less experienced women rise to their potential.”

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