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Do you feel like your voice gets lost in a sea of competitors, veterans in the business, or the speaker who is the loudest and most boisterous?  You live in a world of abundant messaging and fierce marketing, and regardless of what you or your company sells, you must reach your target audience with a targeted message.  Get this right, and you are sure to stand out; get it wrong, then you are sure to get stamped out.

How do you draw in everyone at the start of your presentation?  Do you just dive in, or do you have a strategic plan for getting the audience to lean in?  How do you establish your credibility if you do not have a stellar résumé or an astounding bio?

In this interactive session, get the answers to all of these questions and more.  You will examine your current presentation practices, then you will get expert secrets that will set you apart as a presenter.  You will leave, rubbing your hands together, knowing you are ready to crush it because what will finally be revealed is precisely what to do to be the best presenter ever who knows exactly how to be seen, be heard, and be great.