Our Vision

Together, we can change the face of sales.


I see a world that understands and embraces women in sales as equal contributors, each with unique and innate strengths, and each of which is an integral part of the dynamic, multi-faceted, and diverse landscape of the modern sales culture.

I have spent over two decades leading sales teams and know first-hand what it’s like working in male-dominated industries. After an illustrious career as a Top 1% sales professional, I made an observation:

“Traditional sales approaches were created by men and for men at a time men made up the majority of the salesforce.”

And I began to wonder:

“Would women sales professionals gravitate toward sales coaching and professional development, created by women, exclusively for women?”

What started as a small Detroit Meetup group in 2016 quickly spread to 21 groups around the country in just 12 short months. In November 2017, I officially formed the National Association of Women Sales Professionals™. Shortly thereafter, the membership grew to over 13,000 women sales professionals who sell in B2B and B2C roles.

Women are changing the landscape of the modern sales culture.

Our Mission:

Plain and simple: We want to help Women Who Sell Reach the Top 1% and Dance on the Glass Ceiling™. We are a global community, welcoming women sales professionals from every vertical who want to ascend to the summit. Through community, professional development, and advocacy, we work to empower women in sales to improve their mindset and increase their sphere of influence so that they can ultimately change the world.

i believe that when women come together, form a unified front, and work to further a common mission, anything is possible. We are on the cusp of something remarkable and the world is watching. Won’t you join me?

Cynthia M. Barnes  Founder and CEO, NAWSP

Cynthia M. Barnes
Founder and CEO, NAWSP

Cynthia Barnes, Founder and CEO, NAWSP

Cynthia Barnes, Founder and CEO, NAWSP