The National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP) is the unified voice of women sales professionals in the United States representing the fastest growing segment of the industry.

NAWSP is the only women sales organization representing the interests of women sales professionals across all industries and with chapters across the nation. With far-reaching clout and impact, NAWSP is a one-stop resource for propelling women sales professionals into greater economic and social spheres of influence.

Recognized in the media as a thought leader on women’s business issues and joined with corporate partners and other non-profit organizations who share our mission and expand our influence, NAWSP is the country’s premier women’s sales organization. 

NAWSP’s many milestones and awards exemplify the rich history of success the organization and its members have enjoyed.


  • Discounted local networking opportunities with the nation’s most influential women in sales

  • Unlimited virtual professional development workshops created by women, exclusively for women

  • Access to career opportunities with employers committed to our mission

  • Discounts on 1:1 sales coaching with an NAWSP coach

  • NAWSP Mentorship Program

  • Complimentary Access to the NAWSP App

  • $259/year


High-Impact Professional Development for Women in Sales

There’s a major difference between one-size-fits-all training and the meaningful development that helps women grow—and advocates for their success. Men tend to get institutional support and highly relevant guidance that help them get to the next level, women can get caught in a cycle of training for training’s sake.

NAWSP is on a mission to fix this by offering its members professional development that is high-impact, unique to women in sales, and amplifies women’s strengths. No where else will you find such a comprehensive collection of resources to help you soar in your sales career.

NAWSP offers the following for its members:

  • Discounted in-person learning events (All Levels)

  • Unlimited virtual learning events (All levels)

  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Session with an NAWSP Sales Coach (Professional Plus Membership only)


Discounts on Sales Coaching for Women in Sales

Women sales professionals committed to growth can enjoy the experience and foresight of an effective sales coach. On average, 81% of sales professionals have seen a positive impact from working with a sales coach, and 85% plan to maintain or increase their spending on coaching in the coming year. NAWSP members who work with our coaches average 300% YOY growth.


Access to High-Impact Mentoring

Learn from the women who blazed trails before you. Effective mentorship is likely one of the most important determinants of career success. NAWSP realizes training women sales professionals requires communication of “unwritten rules” of successful career advancement.  As a member of NAWSP you have access to an extensive network of women sales professionals willing to offer more than career advice.  Your NAWSP relationships will lead to career advancement and job opportunities. (All levels)

High-level Networking for Women in Sales

Networking is a necessity for creating connections and developing relationships. Whether in our forums, on our app, or during one of our in-person professional workshops, NAWSP members are meeting, sharing and connecting in ways that they can’t get any place else. The result is lasting relationships that are the building blocks of future job placements, sales leads and partnerships.

(Included in your annual membership.)


Career Opportunities

Matching top sales talent with top companies. The NAWSP job board can help you land the next level of your career! (All Levels)



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