Elevate your career with NAWSP Membership

Over 14,000women sales professionals around the world count on NAWSP for career advancement and sales expertise.  Want to join them? Become an NAWSP member today!


NAWSP members get access to the following member benefits:

Learning & Development

Events, seminars and webinars  - Learn from leading women in sales experts at conferences, events or the comfort of your desk.  

Career Resources

Job Board - Members get first access to the top jobs and internships in sales. Looking for candidates? Members get discounts on job postings.

Mentor Center - Find a mentor or become a mentor through our online mentoring program.

Networking & Community

Local Networking - Build your professional network and get involved through local chapters/partners.

NAWSP’s #WomenWhoSell App - Gain insight and knowledge from your peers and grow your online professional network through NAWSP’s online discussion community, for members-only.


Membership Levels


$150 Annually

Professional membership is for those ready to access the benefits of learning, leading and making a difference. In addition, professional members enjoy:

  • Access to NAWSP App

  • Special member pricing for NAWSP events

  • Post job opportunities on NAWSP Job Board at a special member rate

  • Regular communication

  • Opportunity to participate in special members-only events


$50 Annually

Designed for professionals whose home and primary workplace are outside of NAWSP’s chapters (more than 50 miles one-way).

  • Access to NAWSP App

  • Regular communication


$20 Annually

Available to those currently enrolled as a full-time (per institution's policy on full-time status) student at an accredited college or university, who provide proof of full-time enrollment status at the time they apply. Student members enjoy the same benefits as Professional Members.