You know that in order survive the race, to surpass or remain ahead of your competition, you need to become an influencerYou have the drive and ability to surprise and delight your customers with higher customer service levels and improved return on investment. If you strive to be a leader within your sphere of influence and you're constantly seeking ways for self-improvement, join NAWSP today.

Our programming is laser-focused on providing you with unparalleled professional development. We have teamed with the world's leading experts to bring our members the best strategies on how to influence decision makers, climb the corporate ladder, and manage your priorities to achieve work/life balance.

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Job Listings for #WomenWhoSell

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You're always looking for opportunities to grow and increase your sphere of influence. When you start thinking about your next career move, look to NAWSP's Job Board. Companies intent on hiring woman sales professionals post their positions in hopes of attracting the upper echelon of candidates.

Corporate Discounts

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Who doesn't love a significant discount? NAWSP partners organizations to provide you with discounts on services you use regularly. Whether you're looking for discounts on travel, leadership, or advanced sales training, NAWSP has you covered.



Recently promoted? Achieve a huge milestone? We want to know about it so that we can celebrate you. Send us the details, along with your professional headshot, and we will make sure the world knows how awesome you are through our membership, LinkedIn following, newsletter subscribers, and corporate partners. 

Women-centric Sales Training

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Traditional sales training programs were created by men, for men and fail to consider a woman's unique perspective and innate qualities. NAWSP is on a mission to disrupt the sales training industry with programming designed by women, exclusively for women because we believe it takes one to teach one.



Small Group Discussions

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Roundtable discussions can be an integral part of your success. During monthly meetings, peers will encourage, support, and hold each other accountable for taking action on their goals. 

NAWSP Mentorship Program

Mentorship programs are an essential tool for women sales professionals. A strong mentor-mentee relationship can help new and existing saleswomen learn the ropes from a veteran, while also helping the more seasoned woman see solutions and approaches to challenges from a fresh perspective. Mentoring is not a one-way street. Women who become mentors stand to benefit as well. Serving as a mentor can help even the most accomplished saleswoman improve her management skills. 

NAWSP Leadership Opportunities

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You're a natural leader. Whether at work, the PTA, or sitting on a board of directors of your favorite non-profit, you are at the helm.  People enjoy following you because you are engaging and supportive. Why not use your extraordinary talents to further the Women in Sales movement? There are plenty of opportunities for you to lead roundtable discussion groups, serve on committees, or volunteer at events?

Discounts on Membership Dues

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Looking for memberships for more than 10 women? Send us a message so that we can customize a membership package for you.