NAWSP members are professionals from all walks of life – college students and young professionals, SDRs/BDRs to corporate sales executives. Members work in small businesses and global companies. They launch startups and lead Fortune 100 companies.

NAWSP members are driven, educated, involved, and influential and they believe in giving back. Being a member means being a part of something bigger than yourself, you’re part of the growing contribution of women leaders who support the #WomenInSales movement and pave the way for others. NAWSP members are given the tools to learn, lead, and make a difference.


Online programs within a virtual community and skill-building professional development sessions that deliver bite-sized content and relevant content

  • Small and midsized gatherings throughout the year that foster intentional connections with continuous learning as the centerpiece

  • Signature events that spark fresh thinking and new ideas

  • Input and access to original research on women’s sales leadership

make a difference

  • Formal and informal mentoring

  • Meaningful ways to engage with fellow members and the community to make NAWSP more accessible and relevant

  • Collaborate with fellow women sales professionals to share best practices and create ways to impact our industry positively.

join us

Membership dues enhance our impact and sustain our organization. We invite you to become a member. Your support helps to ensure NAWSP remains at the forefront of what’s to come for women in sales.