It’s A Man’s World for

Women in Sales, Until and Unless…

Exclusive LIVE webinar

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 "This is a Man's World!"

These are the words of the legendary vocalist James Brown. But, does it have to be this way in the sales profession?  

Consider these eye popping statistics:

Entire Sales Population


Senior Leadership Positions

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Did you know that companies who create a diverse female leadership environment get 15% better win rates than those who don't? 


So, how then can we break this "Gender Divide?"

Join us for this webinar as three tenured and senior leaders - who have grown hundreds of millions in sales revenue showcase how they are helping break the "Gender Divide." 

During this webinar we will answer five questions:

  • Why don't women in sales ascend the corporate ladder as fast as men do?

  • Diversity in the workplace, what's working and what's not?

  • How can organizations make women in sales initiative a priority?

  • Why is there a need to have a blended diversified sales workforce?

  • How can companies create a successful work-life balance for moms in sales?


If you're serious about breaking the gender divide, then don’t wait another minute…

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