Hello Barcelona!

Royal Oak, MI – The National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP) announces its expansion to Europe. The NAWSP,  the first and only national sales organization, created solely for and representing the interests of women sales professionals will hold its debut event in Barcelona, Spain on April 24th, 2018. Company officials are expected to meet with women professionals from the Catalonia region and Spain at large to discuss, educate and share experiences for career development. This event will be the premiere in a series of events across Europe.

NASWP officials are confident that the expansion will be beneficial to women sales professionals in Europe, who are underrepresented in the profession. Despite all the progress made in enhancing gender equity by the various governments in the continent, women are still shying away from this profession. NAWSP will customize their services to suit the needs of each segment. Ultimately, the NAWSP improves the competence of women sales professionals and equip them with the skills and knowledge to stand out.


NAWSP aims to influence more women to join the sales profession. This goal is achievable through workshops that not only educate women on the basic principles of sales but also inspire them to get started. NAWSP believes in the inherent ability of women to be who they want to be. Motivation, education, and inculcation of self-confidence are much of what women require.

The organization partners with corporates to enable them to create a conducive environment for saleswomen professionals. NAWSP is convinced that appropriate work environments not only achieve the retention of women sales professionals but also get the best out of them. With NAWSP, women sales professionals will be among the top 1% in the industry.

NAWSP Activities

NAWSP will be engaging with European women sales professionals through educational activities, town hall sessions, meetups, an online community, and conferences. All these activities bring out the best in women professionals. Additionally, the events are tailor-made to factor in the diversity of the women and their contexts. For illustration, some women sales professionals may prefer townhalls, where they can share experiences and learn from each other, while some women may prefer meetups, where they can gain an in-depth understanding of the profession.

Most importantly, corporate o-operations are the critical activity that gives women sales professionals a smooth platform to career progression. NAWSP partners with Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion teams to ensure that inclusivity is upheld and diversity appreciated. Such activity gives women the freedom to be the best in sales.


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Cynthia Barnes