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Interested in a software sales career?

You might be a super-seller, but breaking into the software sales industry can sometimes prove to be a bit of a challenge. You could be at the beginning of your career or perhaps you’re an experienced salesperson, but are interested in moving into the dynamic world of software sales. This post is intended to give you a few tips and tricks to help you land that job you’ve been searching for.

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It's Time to Transform Sales Training for Women

💡 Imagine a world where sales approaches took into account the unique challenges #WomenInSales face while amplifying the innate strengths we already possess…

I believe there is a unique perspective required when it comes to creating effective sales training for women. In fact, there is a tremendous benefit to women-centric sales coaching and training.

I sat down with Bernie Borges from Social Business Engine to discuss exactly how #WomenInSales benefit from sales approaches created for women, by women.

Check out his podcast and let me know what you think.

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