NAWSP Spotlight: Lori Johnston

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Professional Profile

Name: Lori Johnston

  • Profession: President and Management Consultant, Sales Enablement, Performance and Process Improvement

  • Employer: Allied Exchange

  • Years of Experience: 23 years

  • NAWSP Chapter: Greater Los Angeles


Why did you join NAWSP? I joined NAWSP because I have the same belief system that "women are every bit as capable as men in the competitive world of professional sales." It has always been my thought process that women do best when we work with other women who know what it's takes to succeed in sales and give back by helping less experienced women rise to their potential.

What is one word that you would use to describe yourself and why?: Tenacious. This is the word that everyone I have encountered professionally and personally has used to describe me. I am the kind of person who never gives up and I never stop trying. I do whatever is required to accomplish my goals.

What is the best part about working for your Company?: I am my own boss. Everything I do with Allied Exchange is to benefit my family and me.

What are 2 work environment challenges you have seen and how do you suggest overcoming them?: Coming from experience with both start-up and corporate worlds, I would say that the 2 work environment challenges for me is overcoming "office politics" and gender discrimination. I do not like either and have overcome both by standing my ground on my beliefs and business-related decisions. As long as I am true to myself, I have overcome quite a bit in my life-time. Believing in myself is the most important ways that I have overcome these challenges.

What motivates you?: My family and helping other women succeed in their sales careers and business start-up.

How do you push through your worst times?: Pushing through the worst times, I pray and meditate as well as I have a regular weekly cadence with my accountability partner. She and I meet twice a week; 1 for a strategy session and the 2nd is for progress on goals from the strategy session.

What app/tool/podcast are you using or enjoy that you highly recommend? I: My entire career has been with software technology. So for me, I have many apps and tools that I use. The podcast that I listen to regularly is Sales Funnel Radio with Steve Larson. My favorite tools include Mighty Networks, MediaFly for sales enablement platform, FreshSales for CRM and Growth Tools for marketing platforms.

If you could get paid to do anything else, what would it be?: This is an interesting question. I enjoy helping to grow small businesses through sales enablement and coaching. I have a passion for writing, so I guess my answer would be to get paid for my writing of case studies, articles, and books.

What is a surprising fact about you?: Professionally, my colleagues and clients are always surprised to know that I am into scary movies and real-life crime stories.

What do you like to do in your free time?: Crochet, spend time with my grand kids and volunteer to help the homeless when I can.

How can people connect with you on LinkedIn?: