Dance on the Glass Ceiling™ Spotlight: Bella Verita

NAWSP Spotlight Bella Verita.png

Professional Profile

Name: Bella Verita

  • Profession: Sales Agency Owner

  • Employer: Align Sales

  • Years of Experience: 20 years

  • NAWSP Chapter: Austin, TX


  • Why did you join NAWSP? I joined NAWSP because I was looking for a tribe of women who "get me." Most people believe sales is something we do to "get." But women sales professionals know we sell to give. We sell to make a difference in the world and we have high standards we live by. I was looking for a tribe that I didn't have to explain this to, we already knew it was our superpower and we come together to recharge our superpower.

  • What is one word that you would use to describe yourself and why?: LOVE. I am in sales because I love people and I love empowering and inspiring a human to say yes to themselves. AKA transformation.

  • What is the best part about working for your Company?: The best part about working for our company is our core values. we are committed at a team to being these.


  • What are 2 work environment challenges you have seen and how do you suggest overcoming them?: Challenge One: Overwhelm. In our industry of sales, coaches have launches that can be very overwhelming with a lot of moving parts at once. It takes a whole team to be on point and moving the things forward at a face pace.

    We have a process for gratitude over overwhelm and action over fear. As long as we stay in gratitude and take one action step at a time the overwhelm seems to dissipate.

    Challenge two: Sale people falling into slumps.
    It happens. When it does it's we have the 1MT process. Just one more time. 1 more time pick up the phone. One more time reach out to a prospect. 1 more time say yes I can. Any time you can take 1 more action you can get yourself out of a slump.

  • What motivates you?: I am motivated by challenge and beautiful things. I get excited when shit hits the fan and I know I have everything in me to overcome the challenge. I get really motivated. I'm also motivated by beautiful things. I love beautiful workspaces, beautiful places to travel. A beautiful home and beautiful people to hang out with.

  • How do you push through your worst times?: I listen to music that motivated and inspires me and I move my body. I run to Rocky. I dance to Baby I'm WORTH IT and Shake that Money Maker. And I take naps. Naps allow me to regroup and recharge so I can keep moving forward.

  • What app/tool/podcast are you using or enjoy that you highly recommend? I: to recharge, GaryVee podcast, Feminine CEO podcast, Life Coach School Podcast

  • If you could get paid to do anything else, what would it be?: Love my fiance. That's my favorite thing to do. Other than this I love to speak to motivate and inspire women to overcome doubt.

  • What is a surprising fact about you?: I got my start in sales as a drug dealer. I sold pot during high school and discovered how lucrative sales was. Fortunately, I never wanted to wear an orange jumpsuit so I traded pushing drug for pushing supplements in my first MLM.

  • What do you like to do in your free time?: watch Suits, play board games with friends, spend time outdoors, spend time brunching and eating with friends.

  • How can people connect with you on LinkedIn?: