We Need to Recruit More Women in Sales!

Why does the sales industry need to recruit more women? There is a host of compelling reasons why businesses should be scrambling to add women to their sales teams, but here's just one that they can't afford to ignore: by 2028, in less than a decade, women will control 75% of discretionary spending worldwide. Discretionary spending refers to non-essential purchases (i.e. luxury items, vacations, specialty services, etc…).

Did you read that? Women will be holding the purse strings for 75% of these types of expenditures worldwide. Moreover, here in the U.S., women already influence more than 80% of consumer spending. Is your team ready to sell to them? Does your team include women who are—let's face it—uniquely suited to selling to other women.

Women in Sales Sell Well to Both Genders

It's a myth that women in sales can't sell to men. Of course, they make sales to men and are good at it. But it cannot be ignored that many of today's female consumers gravitate to saleswomen. Sure—some men (these are the same men who don't read female authors, by the way) only want to conduct business with a man just as some women only want to deal with a woman when it comes to a sales transaction, but that only makes the case stronger for creating a sales team that includes both men and women.

Cynthia BarnesComment